Our strategies greatly benefit the manufacturing sector, by enhancing market success and product domination in new markets

    Industry Description

    Working with Manufacturers

    Solidlaunch provides several services to manufacturing firms in the area of FMCG, plastics, automotive, agricultural, medical and machinery. As an outsourced marketing department, we work in synergy with your team to develop a marketing strategy that delivers on your business goals.

    Some of the products we shall help you with include;

    • Brand development 
    • Website development and Search engine optimization
    • Proposal documentation 
    • Multimedia presentations 
    • Joint Venture marketing and communications
    • Public relations 
    • Outsourced Sales Teams 
    • Lead generation campaigns
    •   Creative Design 
    • Product Launches
    •   Trade show stand management – design, marketing, promotion and media 
    • Market research  Presentations to investors  Advertising  Branding 
    • International marketing campaigns

    More Information

    Key Manufacturing Industry Sectors we work with

    • Medical devices
    • Metal/glass products
    • Consumer products
    • Machinery & equipment
    • Agricultural products
    • Automotive products